Marshmallow 6.0.1_r43 Turbo Rom Layers For Moto X Style Pure XT157x

Turbo Rom With Layers is a customized For Moto X Style Pure XT157x established on the latest Android Marshmallow (6.0.1_r43). Sourced from a straight AOSP/CAF base, the ROM is now highly characteristic rich and has plenty of customization options. My purpose with this ROM is to create a ROM with as many customization options and viable even as still being stable. Furthermore, the ROM uses RRO/Layers for theming with full DayNight aid. SuperSU is pre-hooked up.

About Moto X X Style XT17x Tubo Rom MM 6.0.1 & Features

turbo tweaks, which includes: *
– Battery bar
– increased laptop
– liquid crystal display density changer
– Double tap energy button vibration toggle
– Double faucet to sleep on lock screen
– Double tap to sleep on navigation bar
– Double tap to sleep on popularity bar
– Three fingers swipe for screenshot
– Lock monitor alpha changes (for both the bouncer and average reveal)
– backside left and correct lock display shortcuts changer
– core lock monitors shortcut changer
– The capacity to change the color of the lock monitor alarm, clock, and date
– The potential to change the font of the lock clock
– The potential to hide the lock screen alarm, clock, and date
– Lock screen weather
– Lock reveal wallpaper changer
– Lock screen torch toggle
– permit lock reveals media artwork toggle
– Multi-window moved out of developer choices into faster tweaks
– memory bar in Recents
– Google search bar toggle
– Recent clear all button toggle and placement adjustments
– Immersive recent choices
– SlimRecents
– SlimRecents app sidebar
– Slim’s navigation bar customization
– Auto-brightness toggle within the QS panel
– exhibit weather in QS header
– Brightness slider toggles in QS
– quick pulldown in QS
– Time contextual headers in QS (together with Poly HD)
– developed location tile toggle
– amplify the primary row of QS tiles toggle
– The capacity to set the number of QS columns (3, four, or 5)
– The capability to prepare the QS tiles
– repute bar battery configuration
– status bar brightness control
– Full reputation bar clock and date customization
– Blacklist repute bars icons
– respiration SMS neglected to call, and voicemail
– Notification counter (indicates the quantity of pending notifications in the app’s notification icon)
– turbo ROM emblem in the reputation bar toggle
– Full reputation bars climate customization
– AOKP customized process animation customization
– vigor menu animation customization
– record view animation customization
– Hardware key customization
– Full volume rocker customization
– advanced reboot
– Slim’s international menu customization
– carrier label choices
– growing ring in phone and alarm
– tons of popularity bar color options
– fame bar header QS edit button
– network visitors indications
– Lock monitor blur
– OmniSwitch
– fast liberate
– Scramble PIN design

Out Side Turbo Rom Tweaks For Marshmallow Moto X Style

– Settings dashboard organization
– Settings dashboard switches toggle
– Settings dashboard column configuration
– Proximity wakes checker
– extra rotation settings
– Wake on plug configuration
– Ambient display notification inversion toggle
– Slim’s ambient display settings
– Battery and notification gentle configuration
– link and unlink ring and notification volumes
– Screenshot sound toggle
– Full Slim IME customizations
– Battery saver color configuration
– Reset battery stats
– Heads up notifications toggle
– drive improved notifications toggle
– Flashlight notification toggle
– Disable immersive messages toggle
– mobile number search for
– Proximity speakerphone
– speedy reply messaging
– call blacklist
– Swipe to delete in messaging
– even more!

Installation Guide For Android 6.0.1 Turbo Rom For Moto X Style Pure

*Download the Latest Available ROM and Google Apps
*Reboot Device into Custom Recovery mode
*Do A Full Wipe System, Data And Cache and Dalvik Cache
*Now time to Install the ROM and then GApps
*Reboot to System & Enjoy

Download Turbo Rom From Here

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